[tcpdump-workers] Cross-compiling tcpdump with ipv6 enabled

Xiufeng Xie xxie28 at wisc.edu
Wed Dec 17 17:11:46 EST 2014


  Currently I need to capture ipv6 packets on Android phone. On my PC,
tcpdump works well with ipv6 traffic, so I also want to try it on the

  However, when I cross-compile tcpdump for ARM platform with ipv6 enabled,
it is forced to give the warning about buggy getaddrinfo() function and
then exit. I comment out this test to complete compiling (with ipv6
enabled). The resulting binary works well when monitoring ipv4 packets on
my phone, but still captures 0 packets on the Verizon ipv6 lTE network.

  Any suggestion for the solution? Also why the configure script is
designed to force disabling ipv6 when doing cross-compiling?

Best Regards,

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