[tcpdump-workers] bpf.tcpdump.org vs github

Michal Sekletar msekleta at redhat.com
Tue Nov 25 13:38:23 EST 2014

On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 01:12:18PM -0500, Michael Richardson wrote:
> Michal Sekletar <msekleta at redhat.com> wrote:
>     >> okay, can we start again.  I would appreciate some clear data and
>     >> clear complaints.
>     >> 
>     >> This is what I heard: a) which is "master", bpf or github?
>     > There are commits on github/master which are not on bpf. We already
>     > have maintenance branch for 4.7 but there was no release yet. No commit
>     > on master has tcpdump-4.7 tag. This is very confusing.
> Right, but the idea was supposed to be that we DO NOT PUBLISH the fault until
> after you guys (the distros) actually have a package.    So, this is ENTIRELY
> ON PURPOSE.   Are you saying that you'd prefer to have a zero-day exploit?

Disregarding security patches, those two git trees are out-of-sync anyway. If I
understand current state correctly, then whatever is pushed to GH must be pull to
bpf manually. Other way around somewhat works.

>     >> b) bpf is unreliable.
>     > I mean an outage for hour or two and regular maintaince windows are
>     > fine but if site is unreachable for days without prior notice then it
>     > is unreliable in my book.
> I am unaware of it being unreachable for more than a Sunday afternoon to
> Monday morning; and that instability with power was solved.

I was also referring to other occurrences in the past. IIRC buildbot was sending
emails to workers multiple times that build is failing and reason at the time
was bpf server unreachability.

>     >> before I propose some solution/policy/adjustment, I want to make sure
>     >> that I've heard all the issues.
>     > I don't follow, you don't like the idea to use GitHub then why we
>     > encourage people to use it as tool for contributing to the project.
> github has lots of nice features.
> Maybe we should only use github --- certainly when I first proposed github,
> many people were uncertain about it --- it was too new, and we were too
> experienced with sourceforge coming and going to want to sign up for another
> disaster.

GitHub or something else, I will let this decision to you, core developers. All
I am saying is that having to "master" trees is sub-optimal, confusing and adds
needless work to people.


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