[tcpdump-workers] -C option not working? FreeBSD 10.1

SJP Lists sjp.lists at flashbsd.net
Wed Feb 18 00:38:02 EST 2015

Hello all,

Firstly, apologies if I missed info about this from a FAQ, documentation,
source README and CHANGES and Google or if I am just doing something
silly.  I looked at the man page and performed a Google and case sensitive
searches via casesensitivesearch.com (to avoid all the -c results) but did
not find any info about this issue I am having.

I have built a host for circular recording of WAN traffic onto 2TB worth of
storage, in order to hopefully catch pcaps after an event of intermittent
issues we are not able to replicate.  Hoping that when a user complains and
gives us the time of the issue, I can just grab a copy of the pre-recorded
pcap which should contain the traffic associated with their issue.

I've used FreeBSD 10.1 for this.  With the following tcpdump syntax as an
example, run as root:

tcpdump -C 1 -W 10 -w filename -i em0

and I am finding that filename0 is created and captured to, but the capture
does not roll over to the next file and instead continues to capture to the
first file beyond the limit I thought would be imposed with "-C 1", until I
kill the process.

I have tried the -Z option with "-Z root", in case the issue was that a new
file cannot be created once privs are dropped, but I get the same result.

Thank you for reading and any help that you can give!


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