[tcpdump-workers] Coredump Without Much Info?

Hei Chan structurechart at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 10 23:38:42 EDT 2015

(gdb) disassemble pcap_nextDump of assembler code for function pcap_next:   0x00007ffff715a040 <+0>: sub    $0x28,%rsp=> 0x00007ffff715a044 <+4>: mov    0x260(%rdi),%rdx   0x00007ffff715a04b <+11>: lea    0x18(%rsp),%rax   0x00007ffff715a050 <+16>: mov    %rsi,(%rsp)   0x00007ffff715a054 <+20>: mov    %rsp,%rcx   0x00007ffff715a057 <+23>: mov    $0x1,%esi   0x00007ffff715a05c <+28>: mov    %rdi,0x10(%rsp)   0x00007ffff715a061 <+33>: mov    %rax,0x8(%rsp)   0x00007ffff715a066 <+38>: callq  0x7ffff7150de8 <pcap_dispatch at plt>   0x00007ffff715a06b <+43>: mov    %eax,%edx   0x00007ffff715a06d <+45>: xor    %eax,%eax   0x00007ffff715a06f <+47>: test   %edx,%edx   0x00007ffff715a071 <+49>: jle    0x7ffff715a078 <pcap_next+56>   0x00007ffff715a073 <+51>: mov    0x18(%rsp),%rax   0x00007ffff715a078 <+56>: add    $0x28,%rsp   0x00007ffff715a07c <+60>: retq   End of assembler dump.(gdb) 

     On Saturday, July 11, 2015 5:32 AM, Guy Harris <guy at alum.mit.edu> wrote:

On Jul 10, 2015, at 7:53 AM, Hei Chan <structurechart at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am using libpcap 1.4.0 to read in pcap.
> And my application crashed at pcap_next() when it read the first packet from my pcap file:(gdb) bt#0  0x00007ffff715a044 in pcap_next () from /usr/lib64/libpcap.so.1

What does "disassemble pcap_next" print?


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