[tcpdump-workers] [libpcap] Consider not pushing your work-in-progress branches upstream (#420)

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Mar 9 15:04:35 EDT 2015

As discussed a few months ago, this is how github is being used.

1) "master" for tcpdump, libpcap and tcpdump-htdocs lives on
   We pull daily from github master to the server at bpf.tcpdump.org.

2) release branches live on bpf.tcpdump.org, and are pushed daily to github.
   The script looks like:

(cd libpcap && git fetch -f github master:master &&
        git push github $(git branch | grep libpcap-) &&
        git push --tags github )
(cd tcpdump && git fetch -f github master:master &&
        git push github $(git branch | grep tcpdump-) &&
        git push --tags github )
3) vulnerabilities are developed at

   which is only accessible to developers with accounts on bpf.

Previously, all branches on bpf were pushed to github, but now only branches
that start with tcpdump- and libpcap- are pushed.

A security release 4.7.2 is being prepared today, and once the distro folks
have been notified so that binaries can go out, it should go public within a
few days.

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