[tcpdump-workers] How to capture the data at transport layer (not on interface)

srinivasaraomam at bel.co.in srinivasaraomam at bel.co.in
Thu Mar 12 23:19:04 EDT 2015


Thanks for your reply...
Reason behind this query is....

As you are aware, After transport layer other layers will take care
protocols like fragmentation, arp etc..

Finally I want to know how TCP segment get translated to IP packet...


> On 03/11/2015 02:30 AM, srinivasaraomam at bel.co.in wrote:
>> Hai,
>> How to capture the data at transport layer (not on interface)
> Apart from nettl in HP-UX, I've not come across an OS/application which
> enables such a thing.
> rick jones
> every extra byte in a message is another microgram of CO2 released...
> (OK, I made that up but still :)

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