[tcpdump-workers] Adding loopback adapter detection for Windows

Gisle Vanem gvanem at yahoo.no
Mon Jan 25 13:42:23 EST 2016

Yang Luo wrote:

> But the trunk code of libpcap is lower-case,
> see https://github.com/the-tcpdump-group/libpcap/blob/master/CMakeLists.txt

I don't know how Cmake translates a ${PROJECT_NAME} into '-DBUILDING_pcap'.
(and I don't really care to learn the contorted mess called Cmake).

> And in fact, I used a tool called DLL Export Viewer (also used Depends.exe) and saw exported functions in my built
> wpcap.dll. So the functions seem to have be successfully exported?

Okay, but what does dumpcap.exe need in order for 'has_wpcap' to be TRUE?
In other words, how was dumpcap configured and compiled? Maybe it was built
with some 'HAVE_PCAP_xx' and your wpcap.dll doesn't export those?
But does other WinPcap examples work okay?

> What do you mean by implicit? 

Just that Cmake's generators have "Win32" default in some of it's generator
names. From 'cmake -h':
  The following generators are available on this platform:
    Visual Studio 14 2015 [arch] = Generates Visual Studio 2015 project files.
                                   Optional [arch] can be "Win64" or "ARM".

So you want Cmake to generate .sln/.vcxproj files capable of both "Win32"
and "Win64" targets? It is probably possible.


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