[tcpdump-workers] Request for DLT value

Selvig, Bjorn b.selvig at ti.com
Wed Apr 5 01:53:43 EDT 2017

Thanks for your fast reply.

This header is for support of TI boards as sniffer adapter (LAUNCHXL boards) for low power wireless protocols like BLE, 802.15.4 or TI proprietary protocols. The sniffer adapters are connected to a COM port, and a host program sends data to Wireshark. We would like to insert this new header at lowest layer to display meta information about each packet. The dissector for this new header will call next dissector based on protocol field (for example btle or wpan), or display the data in raw format.

The packet info header will contain the following information:
- Interface type and Interface ID (For example COM 142).
- Frequency
- Channel
- Protocol and PHY
- RSSI value
- Frame check status (CRC Status)

Bjørn Selvig

Texas Instruments Norway AS, Postboks 264 Skøyen, Hoffsveien 70 C, NO-0213 Oslo, Norway. Org. NO 980499480 MVA

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Selvig, Bjorn <b.selvig at ti.com> wrote:
    > I am working on a new header format for radio packet meta information
    > to display in Wireshark.

okay, we have quite a few such things, many for the latest technologies already..

    > I would like to request a new DLT value to use for this header. The
    > format is currently being defined, and is not yet final. I expect it to
    > be within the next few weeks.

    > A couple of questions regarding this:

    > 1.       Would it be possible to get a reserved DLT value to use even
    > if specification of the header is not final?

Yes, that's fine.

    > 2.       How long does this process typically take?

Can take as little as a day; but please tell us more about what you are doing so that we are sure that you aren't duplicating other existing/underway work.

Meanwhile, there are some private use DLT values that you can use while coding.

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