[tcpdump-workers] Request for link layer header type

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Tue Apr 11 09:55:15 EDT 2017

Erik de Jong <erikdejong at gmail.com> wrote:
    > I was engaged in other activities lately, but would like to pick this
    > up again. Anything that I will have to address before a DLT can be
    > assigned?  As stated in the last revision there is a field for syncword
    > included that will allow analyzers to parse the packets according to
    > the correct protocol.  Later today I'll meet some LoRa related
    > manufacturers and I want to ask them if they're willing to support this
    > encapsulation in their products for debugging purposes.

It's your consensus process, not ours.

We'd love to have a stable URL to point to, but we'll settle for your email
address :-)

    >> (https://github.com/eriknl/LoRaTap).

This would be fine, if you put a git tag on it, since you might want to
revise it later on.

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