[tcpdump-workers] Should the tcpdump tests be run with TZ=GMT0, or should the AFS printer print time stamps in UTC?

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Fri Aug 3 21:44:28 EDT 2018

Guy Harris <gharris at sonic.net> wrote:
    > Currently, the tcpdump tests for AFS fail if you're not in the time
    > zone where the .out files were generated, because AFS time stamps are
    > printed as local time rather than as UTC.

That's broken

    > Should we run the tcpdump tests with TZ=GMT0 (at least on UN*X), so
    > that all time stamps are interpreted as UTC?

    > Or should the AFS printer show time stamps as UTC rather than as local
    > time in the time zone where tcpdump is being run?

I thought we used -t to avoid time stamps period.
I guess the AFS printer dumps additional times from within the tickets or
something?  If so, they should definitely be in UTC... whether we do that
with TZ=GMT0 or fix the printer, I'm not sure.

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