[tcpdump-workers] {clang, gcc} X {i386, x86_64} building, and docker/travis

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Sun Aug 18 13:49:09 EDT 2019

We build with gcc and clang on travis, with options that do not always match
what contributors get by default.

I've added "./buildem" which goes through the set of -m32/-m64 and clang, gcc
to build them all using build directories.
It runs "make check", which has been fixed to work in build directories.

I think that I will added -Werror to the list, as I see some errors.
I'd like to get coverage of more versions of gcc, and maybe this calls for a
docker/LXC container to do this.  This would also solve the problem of what
travis uses does not reflect what we have on our different desktops.
I don't really want to impose docker/etc. on people just want to build stuff.
I didn't find a ppa that would work on debian stable/xenial that would have
gcc 8 and 9, but maybe I didn't look hard enough.
(I guess I am spoilt by places like postgresql that maintain new versions for
stable OS installs.  Of course, gcc being such a critical build component,
this is harder).


If I change the .travis build to do docker, I will add it as another part of
the matrix.  I guess doing it as a Dockerfile *build* will be easier as that
will let the current directory be pushed into the docker image for

I am looking for sources for reasonable, minimal, but not too lacking in
libfoobar support docker images for:
  debian-stable debian-testing ubuntu-lts ubuntu-19.xx fedora centos7

Will travis cache these reasonably, or is this going to be a four hour disaster?

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