[tcpdump-workers] {clang, gcc} X {i386, x86_64} building, and docker/travis

Francois-Xavier Le Bail devel.fx.lebail at orange.fr
Thu Aug 22 11:51:26 EDT 2019

On 19/08/2019 03:48, Michael Richardson wrote:
> Francois-Xavier Le Bail <devel.fx.lebail at orange.fr> wrote:
>     >> We build with gcc and clang on travis, with options that do not always match
>     >> what contributors get by default.
>     >>
>     >> I've added "./buildem" which goes through the set of -m32/-m64 and clang, gcc
>     >> to build them all using build directories.
>     >> It runs "make check", which has been fixed to work in build directories.
>     > From my experience, it's not the same to build
>     > with 1) compiler for arch i386 (e.g. debian packages xxx:i386)
>     > than with 2) compiler for arch amd64 with -m32 option.
> So we have to test on a 32-bit VM, with a 32-bit kernel?

I currently don't known if building with a 32-bit kernel add something to building with 64 bits
kernel with a compiler for arch i386 (e.g clang:i386, gcc:i386) after adding i386 arch with
'dpkg --add-architecture i386'.

> What about if run with "linux32" in front?

What do you means by: "linux32" in front?

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