[tcpdump-workers] New RFCs for 1) pcap file format and 2) rpcapd protocol?

Guy Harris gharris at sonic.net
Wed Apr 1 15:01:53 EDT 2020

On Apr 1, 2020, at 11:51 AM, Michael Richardson <mcr at sandelman.ca> wrote:

> Guy Harris via tcpdump-workers <tcpdump-workers at lists.tcpdump.org> wrote:
>>>> 5) Treat rpcap as "remote procedure call for libpcap" and put it under the the-tcpdump-group team, and put pcap under the pcapng team as per the same reason as 4).
>>> Ok.
>> This would require the rules in the pcapng repository Makefile to be in
>> the libpcap Makefile.in.
>> Michael, would that be inconvenient to maintain?
> Yes, I think it would be a pain, but it could be done.
> I certainly would not use the complex lib/* makefile if we really wanted to
> do that.   What about cmake side of things?

It's complex, too - and I don't know whether anybody's done a CMake version of that.

Would it make more sense to put the rpcap I-D into either 1) a separate team and repository or 2) another repository in the pcapng group, so that it has its own Makefile?

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