[tcpdump-workers] Intro Lesson Plan/Tutorial

Brenda J. Butler bjb at sourcerer.ca
Sat Apr 25 05:42:51 EDT 2020

Those are a few simple things you can do with tcpdump, but it doesn't
really illuminate the network traffic much.

Why are the students looking at the tcpdump output?

There is no explanation of the network traffic - like what a packet is
made of (the headers, the payload), the different protocols, the types
of packets that implement the different protocols - etc.

Then again, maybe you aren't going into that much depth.  But to me,
that is the point of tcpdump - to look at the traffic and to
understand it.  Sometimes with the ultimate goal of finding out what's
going wrong with the network.

What do you want the students to get out of it?

What do the students already know about Linux/Unix?  From the plan you
gave, they know "cat" (and now they know tcpdump) and have to be
taught how to stop a running process (ctl-c) and how to redirect
output to a file.

I think it is good to use a program like tcpdump to introduce some
basics - but maybe a bit more emphasis on teaching shell things like
redirection and linux/unix concepts like processes will be a good
foundation for them to learn other things.

And, you have put the synopsis on the page - but here is a chance to
introduce the man pages instead.

Well those are my impressions - I hope this is useful for you.  I
think it's great that you want to teach the kids some command-line
tools : -)


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> I have posted a tutorial designed for my introductory cybersecurity class
> at my high school. Any observations and suggestions are welcome.
> https://github.com/nplotnick/cyber/blob/master/TCPDump%20Tutorial.pdf
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