[tcpdump-workers] [tcpdump] Keep win32/prj/WinDump.dsp ?

Francois-Xavier Le Bail devel.fx.lebail at orange.fr
Sat Jul 25 05:36:18 EDT 2020

On 08/06/2020 21:50, Guy Harris wrote:
> On Jun 8, 2020, at 12:24 PM, Francois-Xavier Le Bail <devel.fx.lebail at orange.fr> wrote:
>> Thus all the files in win32/prj/ could be removed?
>> (WinDump.dsp  WinDump.dsw  WinDump.sln  WinDump.vcproj)
> I have no problem removing them and requiring Windows users to ue CMake, especially given that newer versions of Visual Studio has CMake as an installable component.
> If nobody else has said "no, I need them!" - and volunteered to take responsibility for maintaining them! - I'd say we should get rid of them, as we're not maintaining them.  (CMake files 1) can handle multiple versions of Visual Studio and 2) are intended to be maintainable by people using a text editor rather than generated by a big IDE that runs primarily, if not exclusively, on Windows.)

Nobody has said 'we need to keep them', removed.

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