[tcpdump-workers] New RFCs for 1) pcap file format and 2) rpcapd protocol?

Francois-Xavier Le Bail devel.fx.lebail at orange.fr
Sat Mar 21 17:27:58 EDT 2020

On 21/03/2020 22:14, Guy Harris via tcpdump-workers wrote:
> 1) has the slight disadvantage that the name for the team suggests it's for pcapng only; it appears that teams can be renamed:
> 	https://help.github.com/en/github/setting-up-and-managing-organizations-and-teams/renaming-a-team
> Were we to rename it, I don't know what would be a good new name.

Option 1) with a rename to pcapteam or pcapXteam?

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