project news November 2021

Denis Ovsienko denis at
Fri Nov 5 16:27:18 EDT 2021

Hello list.

I hope this finds you well. Below you can find an overview of assorted
recent developments.

The read-only git mirror service has moved from to The latter works both as a browsable web-site and as a
git clone URL (either https:// or git:// at your choice). The mirror now
uses webhooks to keep any lag behind the read-write repositories at to one minute or less.

A by-product of the new mirror is automatic propagation of changes from
the tcpdump-htdocs repository to the live web site. This
way trivial web site updates are as simple as "commit and push".

To simplify the web site setup and maintenance, the only remaining
country-specific hostnames below no longer serve any content:

Currently these hostnames resolve to a host that redirects all requests
to with the same URL path, and in early 2022 these are
going to disappear from DNS. If you come across any makefiles, RPM spec
files, scripts etc. that use any of the three hostnames above to
download the .tar.gz source code archives, please help to fix them to
use and HTTPS.

The web site now provides man pages in several sets: one for the
current git master branch (as it used to be) and a few more for recent
releases. To minimise confusion, each man page now has a banner at the
top to tell what it documents.

As a minor related point, much of the HTTP 404 (not found) response
codes for accounted for /favicon.ico, so I used the
image by Ali Abdulkadir from tcpdump pull request 652 to plug that. It
looks alright, but if you see a better solution, please make your point.

In the CI department it has been mostly routine maintenance since the
previous update:

* netbsd-aarch64 pkgsrc packages have been upgraded from 2021Q2 to
  2021Q3, which among other updates includes Clang (from 10.0.1 to
* Ditto netbsd-mips64, also the OS snapshot has been upgraded from
  9.99.86 to 9.99.90 (from early July to early October).
* openbsd-amd64 has been upgraded from 6.9 to 7.0, which among other
  updates includes Clang (from 10.0.1 to 11.1.0), Autoconf (from 2.69
  to 2.71) and GCC (from 8.4 to 11.2).

    Denis Ovsienko

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