configure script problem while working on extention

Christian chris at
Fri Aug 12 10:27:29 EDT 2022

I pick up this thread of mine again from 7th march of this year 
(wireshark extension for a Kernel Module (like Usbmon)​ ) enhanced with 
a configure issue, which was discussed lot of times ( tcpdump configure 
script doesn't correctly handle static builds ). But Im not sure, if 
this is a real issue for github.

In my case, I was able to build Tcpdump with these steps:

Get libpcap with git, step into the directory invoke: ./configure 
--disable-dbus --without-dbus --without-dpdk --disable-rdma

then make and make install.

Then I opened the archive within the libpcap directory. step 
into the directory, call ./configure and it build. success!

Then I took my changes for libpcap from march, a pcap-kpnode.c and 
pcap-kpnode.h (attached)

further I added into pcap.c:

100: #include "pcap-kpnode.h"

690: {kpnode_findalldevs, kpnode_create }

and in I added my sourcefiles

after that, I evoked make clean and the configure call again like that 
one before with all these switches. Then make and make install. The 
library was successfully build, also with my changes. Then I unzipped 
the tcpdump archive again to start from scratch and this time 
./configure leads to that error message about no pcap_loop support. I 
added the config.log as well.

/usr/local/bin/pcap-config --static --libs  puts out -L/usr/local/lib -lpcap

As expected my build environment is a Debian unstable system, before 
that I tried it on a Pine64 board with Armbian 22.05.3 Bullseye

What could be the problem here? I have some changes for tcpdump for 
processing my kpnode packages, but I did not apply them for now. Because 
the tcpdump from upstream was not able to configure, even without my 

Thanks in advance

BR Christian

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