[Unstrung-hackers] unable to see routes with sunshine on b2b connected nodes

Vijay Anand R vjanandrgky at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 05:26:53 EDT 2015

Hi Michael,

Thanks, curious the DAO message also contains the instance IP and the 
DODAGID, and I thought PIO is an optional header in the DAO messages.
Kindly let me know how do we work around this ?, do we plan to add the 
PIO option header in the DAO and how do we plan to handle this in the nodes.

On 10/3/2015 1:22 AM, Michael Richardson wrote:
> I've been working on adding the options that we discussed:
>            --ignore-dao-pio
>   and      --prefixes-to-announce
> And I ran into a small problem with having just the first option added.
> It makes no sense to send a DAO with no prefixes to inside, so naturally,
> the system doesn't send anything.  This is mostly a testing "duh".
> Having a wildcard for -i is also on the list.

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