[Unstrung-hackers] version 1.10 released

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Tue Oct 20 11:06:58 EDT 2015

I released a version 1.10 on October 19.
It has unit testing, and virtual machine testing, and I'm about to validate
it on RPI with 802.15.4 interfaces.  Probably I'll change the version
numbering to be more "Semantic Versioning", so the next patch release will
be "1.10.1" or "1.11.0" or "1.20.0". (I like having at least 99 minor
releases, and I hate having release numbers sort in funny ways)

Version 1.10

Version 1.10 was release on October 19, 2015.
- added listening on netlink socket to identify new interfaces
- new --ignore-pio to not configure a local IP based upon PIOs received in
the DIO.
- new --dao-if-filter and --dao-addr-filter permit addresses found on
interfaces listed to be added to DAOs sent.
- changes to event queue system: events can more easily be rescheduled
- the emitted DIO RPL prefix info option was created/parsed incorrectly.

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