[Unstrung-hackers] unable to see routes with sunshine on b2b connected nodes

Vijay Anand R vjanandrgky at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 02:25:37 EDT 2015

Hi Michael,

In my humble opinion I think we should keep distribution of address 
distribution within the purview of Autonomic Networking and use the 
routing protocol only to route over the ACP.
This way each modules remains modular with loosely coupled modules.

We would like to run RPL over GRE tunnels. The tunnel traffic could be 
secured using IPSEC/IKE.

I am not sure I understand what you are suggesting as as below.
"It sounds like you'd like some IPC to set it up. I'd like to have it 
connect to the OpenWRT ubus system. "

The below suggestion of new options to the command line sounds good, but 
for the CIDR. with FD00/8 we tend to advertise any other ULA addresses 
which is not managed by Autonomic Networking. So the ACP/AN-domain would 
tend to include routes to other destinations as well !

With netlinks we tend to listen to all interface events, this is fine 
with links/interfaces going down, but the challenge is when links come 
up. Not all new links coming up should join the DODAG, one possibility 
is we give a regex for the interface name in the command line (-i 
option) and add any link that matches the regex to the DODAG. Your 
thoughts ?.

My only concern as for now seems to find a way to gracefully "soft" 
restart the daemon for any updates.

On 9/24/2015 11:43 PM, Michael Richardson wrote:
> Vijay Anand R <vjanandrgky at gmail.com> wrote:
>      > To give a quick brief background on what I am trying to do.  I am
>      > working on an open source version of autonomic networking, and trying
>      > to explore if RPL is the best choice of routing protocol.  RPL is of
>      > interest to us because we have to setup the routing only for the
>      > control plane traffic of autonomic networking and we prefer a light
>      > weight routing infrastructure.
> okay.
> (I think that you should let RPL do address numbering of the ACP too.
>   But, having options is good)
> Are you intending to run RPL over IKEv2?
> (Noting that I'm on the ANIMA bootstrap design team...)
>      > Regarding the PIO : I think that could be optional since each node
>      > would get a /128 ULA address from Autonomic Networking
>      > infrastructure. The goal now is to use a routing protocol to advertise
>      > the routes to these ULA addresses.
> It sounds like you'd like some IPC to set it up.
> I'd like to have it connect to the OpenWRT ubus system.
>      > a. Providing a CIDR in the command line is certainly a possibility but
>      > the ULA address assigned are always /128 prefix and except for the
>      > first byte of FD rest 15 bytes are generated by some rules.
>      > b. Further
>      > addition of interfaces within a node to the DODAG is dynamic, so the
>      > only current alternative seems to be kill the current instance and
>      > start a new one with the new set of interfaces in the command line
>      > (with the -i option).  This seems to be destructive and could impair
>      > routing to current reachable nodes. But I agree once we have this
>      > integrated into Quagga we get a CLI prompt we can work with. But in the
>      > interim do you think having a configuration file would help ? I update
>      > the configuration file and send a signal to sunshine daemon for it to
>      > gracefully restart with the new configuration ?
> I think that a configuration file would make it worse actually :-)
> Getting it into the quagga config file infrastructure would be better.
> I haven't looked at if quagga does anything to make the whole router-prompt
> stuff better; I'm sure at least that there is a library, but I'd also like to
> keep it small..
> Let's do this...
>        a) add: --ignore-dao-pio option which causes Sunshine to not
>                configure addresses from the PIOs it sees.
>        b) add: --prefixes-to-announce
>           This will be a CIDR, which if matched, will cause addresses
>           found on interfaces to be added to the DIO list.
> So you'll run it as --ignore-dao-pio, and --prefixes-to-announce fd00::/8.
> I already want it to deal properly with interfaces arriving/disappearing.
> There is already NETLINK socket listening, but it isn't enough yet.
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